Flourish is my New Favorite F Word

March 4, 2013

I have always believed, even in the darkest hours, that I am meant to be happy. So in June of 2012, after a trying period of  increasing stress and unhappiness, I made some big steps in the right direction  (I quit my job and  finally dealt with a painful herniated disc) but I didn’t feel […]

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The Matching Game

February 24, 2013

Can you match the products I just posted to my Etsy shop with the descriptions underneath the picture?  I even put an Oscar’s reference (one of my fave movies of 2012). 1.  “…It’s kind of an avian Silver Linings Playbook within a glass pendant…Whoa…so deep.” 2.  “…it’s like some white amoebas turned into flowers and came to […]

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Bar Conversation Openers: Muppets, Friends and General Hospital

February 21, 2013

“I don’t want take on too much right now and get all Fraggle Rock.” “For a while my blog and I were like Ross and Rachel – on a break.” Those were some of the cultural references last night at the Crave Chicago event, “In A Relationship With My Blog” hosted at Mac ‘n-Cheese Productions. After the […]

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Thanks for Love

February 14, 2013

VD is not just about sexual feelings.  Well, maybe if you were thinking of VENEREAL DISEASE, it is.  But I am talking about today, Valentine’s Day. I launched the Weeks of Fun Etsy shop today and felt much love and support from my friends and family.  I received a lot of emails, Facebook messages, texts…and believe it […]

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Adding (Self) Amusement to Repetitive Copywriting

February 10, 2013

When you write descriptive copy for products, much of it is repetitive, especially if you make the same shape/size items.   And repetition is boring. I do repeat myself (a lot) in the descriptions of the products I’m about to launch on Etsy, but I try to add a little something different (aka random stuff […]

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Pushing a Theme

February 5, 2013

When I am blocked creatively, I wander around my mind and look for some kind of hook–some small part of a theme or idea that rattles around, niggling the morass of brain cells that keep my skull from collapsing. I was setting up the email sign-up widget on this website today and by the time […]

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