Can Making Mistakes be Fun?

May 30, 2013

I have always loathed (with a feverish passion) making mistakes.  To say imperfection was frowned upon in my family is a bit of an understatement.

As a result, I didn’t try as many new things as a I should have.  I didn’t “go for it” or “lean in” or whatever enough as a child, teen or adult.

But now I am busting a move, trying new things, expanding past my abilities and guess what…I am making mistakes.   But this time, I’m doing my darnedest to let the panic roll off my back and then figure out a solution and move on.

And learn.

What I love about creativity, is that many times mistakes lead to an innovation or improvement that you would not have stumbled upon otherwise.  As I paint jewelry, I actually wait to mess up and then use that error to direct the design.

When I make my glass jewelry, I mess up.  A lot.  It’s easy to do with glaze mixed with not-enough sleep.  With that medium, however, I can’t salvage too much – the pendants just go in a pile of “seconds” (or “rejects” if we are being honest). Some show obvious mistakes, some you can hardly tell that there is something wrong.

I don’t throw away my mistakes – I keep them to remind myself that is is OK to not be perfect; that if I keep going, I eventually will make a good product…and the not-so-good ones?  Well, they ain’t so bad either.

Weeks of Fun jewelry process

Physical manifestations of my mistakes.

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