Bar Conversation Openers: Muppets, Friends and General Hospital

February 21, 2013

“I don’t want take on too much right now and get all Fraggle Rock.”

“For a while my blog and I were like Ross and Rachel – on a break.”

Those were some of the cultural references last night at the Crave Chicago event, “In A Relationship With My Blog” hosted at Mac ‘n-Cheese Productions.

After the event, my friend Amy and I went to a bar and plopped ourselves into the only open bar stools – between two men.  As we reviewed the blog discussion, we lovingly quoted  these gems and instantly had two interrupters from either side:

“Luke and Laura?” interjected the older gent on the right, trying to get an entry (and failing).

Fraggle Rock?  I grew up watching that show,” said the part-time professor of Effective Marketing Communications at DePaul, looking up from his paper-grading.  And with that segue, we had ourselves a (fairly) interesting chat partner for the rest of the night.

The moral of the story is….well, let the Fab Five tell y0u:

Fraggle Rock

I’m not sure which one is Ross Geller.




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