My name is Lesley and  I like fun.  It was my first F word.

Weeks is my middle and maiden name.

I picked Weeks of Fun as the name for my blog and company because I believe:

  • Fun is important.
  • I don’t think women (in particular) have enough fun.
  • Time passes  quickly and….
  • If you don’t proactively incorporate more fun in your life, the inevitable crap of life will occur and all you will have is a shit sandwich.   Why not have a shit sandwich and then a laugh or two?

I want to do something about bullet point #2.  I haven’t exactly figured out what to do yet, so I’m starting with this blog.

I am currently writing a lot about one of my lifelong dreams – making and selling stuff I love.   I opened an online jewelry store on Etsy in mid-February called Weeks of Fun.   I have a page with more details here.

Thanks for stopping by.

If you’d like to contact me you can send an email to Lesley [at] WeeksofFun [dot] com.


Silliness is hereditary.

Photo courtesy of the amazing Jennifer Alten at the Creative Alternative.


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